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Itís been awhile since Iíve update this page, but I have been busy. A new year a new beginning! I've dedicated a phone line just to my trains and a fax line. So if you're interested in any of the items I have for sale or need info, feel free to call or fax anytime. I will return all calls. I've been able to pick-up some good deals which I'll be passing on to anyone who's interested. So keep check for them. Remember, I'am always looking to buy or sell. So if you are thinning out your collection or are looking for a particular item drop me a line.

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LocoBilly's Trains

P.O. Box 247
Egg Harbor, N.J. 08215
Fax 609-965-1650


A little over a two years ago, after along absence from O gauge trains, I walked into my local Lionel dealers store. I was hooked after five minutes in the store. Since then I've been buying and selling different items to add to my collection. Along the way, I've managed to not only aquire different pieces I'am looking for, but pay my expenses and pass on to my fellow train collectors pieces they have been looking for. This is not a full time enterprise, it's a way to supplement my collection, while saving me some expense at the same time. Most of the prices of the pieces I sell are the same or lower than most reputable dealers prices. Since I have no real overhead I don't need a big profit margin. Hopefully this endeavor will benefit both my fellow train collectors and myself. If you are interesred in my list of items for sale click on POTS, which now has a Special's section, or if you need help with parts, repairs, etc. click on Repair Station. This page was updated 01/07/00.

Bill Derbyshire

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